Amazon Infosolution Pvt Ltd is a designed specially for the upcoming scope & possibilities of GROATH both Technically & Economically in Bihar .

At initiation of this dream of Business by an IIM Ahmedabad Professional , it was hard to belive , five years ago that a group of people will be converted into a team of Professionals so quickly that it would become a threat for some asian Countries Exporting there Brands with different names in India. This Journey started with a Pledge of providing Service irrespective of Profit & giving the best quality at affordable Price.

Instead of getting into the same Re-Seller Business , choose to develop the technology at our end in India itself & deliver it at the lowest Price. His belive started giving fruits in early 2008 , when Zenerica Info Solution Pvt Ltd got its first success in the stream of manufacturing through HOUND ( GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM )

The dedicated team of innovative Developers & sharp vision of our mentor resulted into capturing of 45% market of Software along with Hardware in case of Indian Companies dealing in Products of Global Positioning System.

A larger part of Indian Public was still not aware of this & to get those people along with our growth in 2014 the first Milestone in Bihar became a lady well known by fellow workers & Clients

The Trust & Belive on coworkers took many upgrades in respect of Standards of when he decided to make the Business of Bihar Run & Implimented without any hurdles or long processes from Head Office , itself in BIHAR.

The result of this faith & Belive cropped out the foundation of Amazon Infosolution Pvt Ltd , being run by its Director upon the path shown. Once he had told : Each & Every Employee working for this companies benefit is the owner of this Company in my views.

The Zeal & anthusiasm of a a young Lady had already cropped the seeds of upcoming Business Prospects in Bihar , & the fruits are still to be cultivated.