Global Delivery and Sourcing

Find out more about how to work with the Amazon Global Delivery Network to power your organization toward high performance.

Organizations are focusing more and more on using information technology and optimized business processes to gain competitive advantage a fact that Amazon Infosolution research into the characteristics of high performance confirms. One important strategy is the industrializing of both information technology and the business processes it enables. This means standardizing for increased productivity, economies of scale and quality while reducing cost.

Amazon Infosolution, a pioneer of industrialization in the information technology and business process arena, is taking it a step further with the Amazon Global Delivery Network.

This network comprises more than 50 delivery centers at carefully chosen locations across the globe. Each one is equipped with the most advanced information technology and most secure infrastructure in the industry today. Every delivery center is continuously linked with every other delivery center in our network to ensure business continuity regardless of the political or economic climate of any given country. Each center is staffed by a team who form a network of approximately 80,000 highly skilled professionals.

Most importantly, the common methodologies, tools, architectures and metrics of the Zenerica Delivery suite unifies these multiple centers and the professionals who run them. This creates a scalable and flexible network that truly enables clients to source the right skills and services at the right price wherever they are available: onshore, nearshore or offshore. The Zenerica Global Delivery Network helps clients improve productivity, increase business value, mitigate risk and lower the cost of delivery.

Services :

The Amazon Infosolution Global Delivery Model allows us to support a single client from one or multiple locations, whether their needs are services onshore, nearshore or offshore. With one approach, we effectively standardize IT and business processes for achieving high performance.