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We offer variety of customized integrated solutions from advanced vehicle tracking, fleet management, SMS notifications, wireless control,smart sensing & surveliance to software applications that solve the everyday inconvinient tasks of our clients leading to savings & profit.

Imagine an easy and most convenient solution for locating and tracking vehicles, family members, pets and just about any kind of critical personal or business asset. GPS tracking services from STOP Alarms will provide just that.

company that has a lot of truck fleets need GPS Tracking service Providers. If you have a large fleet companies and has a lot of trucks, you must have GPS Truck Tracking system to monitor your fleet situations. GPS Truck Tracking very necessary, for safety and timeliness of the services you are doing. In addition, GPS Truck Tracking system useful to identify weaknesses and correct them later. However. Because most users do not understand choosing the right GPS Truck Tracking system properly as required, then they should involve GPS Tracking service provider to select the GPS Truck Tracking system appropriate to the needs.

Software and Applications:

  • Complete with maps and facility for historical data available
  • VU configuration utility for changing frequency, deactivation of VU, etc.
  • Web Based application allows minimal startup costs.
  • Ability to provide control center and data secure at clients premises at a minimal cost.
  • To maintain the integrity of the system encrypted messages and constant revalidation of the firmware         by the system to prevent loss of protocols and Security of data.
  • Voice Call facility from fleet owner (If Microphone is purchased). The request for a call is made by the         management. Driver can contact the management by using the emergency button.
  • Ability to receive E-mail and Mobile alerts in case of a deviation of any Planned Activity.
  • Ability to access and control thru a normal mobile phone.
  • The MIS reports, which are possible, are Vehicle History including the detailed start & end log time, route         travelled and violation, Speed Violation, Geo-fencing Violation, Stop hours, detailed work hour summary.
  • to integrate external software's like ERP/ Routing/ Navigation etc. at a minimal cost and ability.
  • The software automatically poll and informed which unit has not communicated in excess of stipulated         time.