Our Values

Core Values

At Amazon Infosolution, the working principles and company's motto are governed by some core values. The core values set paths to tread and help us in shaping the culture and defining the character of our company. These simple yet powerful core values have guided our behaviour and helped in making good decisions. With the core values, we have not only been able to make good business but have also been assisted in our cause of developing fruitful and healthy business relations with our clients. As such, we are continuously in the process of building a heritage for future generations, acting with an owner mentality, and meeting our commitments to all internal and external stakeholders.

Business Ethics

Amazon Infosolution takes very seriously its business ethics, corporate governance and transparency of operations by placing more emphasis on its core values. We are of the opinion that a business has moral responsibilities towards the stakeholders, people who have an interest in the conduct of the business, which might include employees, customers, vendors, the local community, or even society as a whole. Our principles of business ethics lays emphasis on critical areas particular to our organization and business model while highlighting aspects of conduct that are imperative for all employees. We strive to be at par with the desired criteria and have worked out measures to periodically certify the compliance with the code of business ethics.

Corporate culture / Citizenships

Amazon Infosolution approach to corporate citizenship is based on our values of openness, integrity, and generosity. Amazon Infosolution strives to develop business banking on the principles of responsibility and social commitments. Being a good corporate, we can't keep ourselves aloof of our responsibilities towards the communities in which we operate, hence citizen is part of our identity. Our citizenship program incorporates both responsible business practices and social investment programs. We build trust in our company, empower our employees, and promote engagement with customers, partners, and shareholders and at the same time we support our people's passion to bring lasting, positive change to their communities.