Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking System is one of the latest technologies being used widely to track vehicles live. The system works based on the principle of Global Positioning System. The GPS tracking system compromises of one GPS tracker, one GSM module and a software to watch or track the vehicles. The whole system works in a pretty straight forward way. First the GPS receiver receives its current positioning information (longitude and latitude) with the help of one or more GPS satellites orbiting the earth. Then the device sends this information along with the device's self ID (every device needs to have a unique id, so that it can be identified which device is sending the information) to a central server over HTTP protocol using GPRS. The server stores this info in a database. Then a client software gets this data from the server and create reports of display the current location of the vehicle(s) on a MAP.

Where the system can be used?

Nowadays vehicle tracking systems are used in various industries. Not only in industries, but also it is being used by individuals for teenager's safety and theft protection. Fleet management companies can operate their business better by adopting vehicle tracking system, as the accompanying software can provide quite a few significant reports based on vehicles movement, fuel consumptions and etc.